IMC-Weld cladding




For special purpose like wear or corrosion resistance, we may provide our know-how and our advanced equipment for weld cladding.






PTA welding

PTA welding is done fully-automatically by a 12-axis robot. Here are the key facts:

max. Ø: 3500 mm (137.8 inch)

max. length: 10,000 mm (393.7 inch)

max. piece weight: 10 t

Inside welding:

from ø70 mm (2.76 inch) to 3000 mm (118.11 inch) length












Advantages of this procedure:

·       Low fusion degree (ca. 5%)

·       Small heat affected zone

·       Wide range of materials










Typical applications:

·       Stelliting of valve parts

·       Cladding of extruder screws with tungsten carbide

·       Inside cladding of tubes from DI 70 mm (2.76 inch)

·       Weld cladding of forging dies









UP-Band cladding


Typical applications:

·       Weld cladding of forging dies against wear

·       Weld cladding of chutes for cement industry against wear

·       Band cladding of HD reactors in cause of corrosion

·       etc.





Inside cladding of tubes with highly wear-resistant filler metal (55-60 HRC)






Flange plate MAG cladding with NIBAS 70/20

HD reactor UP cladding with Alloy 825