Our construction department is up to date. We use AutoDesk

INVENTOR 2017 and AutoCad 2017. We make detailed

constructions in 2D and 3D.


Collision controls and the componentscourse of movement

can be conducted and force loads simulated.




File format


We can use CAD data provided by our customers and edit them

for the manufacture of work pieces. We process any commonly

used 2D/3D file format.


Programming of machining centers


Our production experts use the current HYPERMILL CAM system

and plan the work flow in the CNC machining centers (TOS 415/426).





Our machining centers are tri-axial including

simultaneous rotation of table, ensuring efficient,

true to size and time-saving machining.


The HYPERMILL system is completely integrated

into INVENTOR. Any alterations of the 3D model

are directly transferred to the CAM system.